Inez Clarke Memorial

Memorial to Inez Clarke, daughter of John and Mary C. Clarke, sculpted by Andrew Gagel in 1881. Graceland Cemetery, 4001 N Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.

The statue is a life-sized re-creation of Inez Clarke, who was six years old when she died. Not much is known about her life, but there are many reports of her statue vanishing from inside the glass case. Stranger still, Helen Sclair, a local cemetery expert, believes Inez Clark is not buried at that location, and that the statue was a gift to the Clarkes from the sculptor to showcase his work.

Another researcher believes the statue is of Inez Briggs, the daughter of Mrs. Clarke from a previous marriage. Whether or not Inez’s mortal remains are at rest under her statue, it continues to be a place of pilgrimage for many Chicagoans.

Keywords: John Clarke, Chicago, Illinois, Mary C. Clarke, Andrew Gagel, glass case, limestone statue, cemetery sculpture, child, urban legend


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